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Viessmann Boilers: Gas-Fired Custom Heating Solutions


Viessmann Vitocell: comprehensive storage range for customized system solutions

Viessmann boilers

2015 was the year that Viessmann launched DHW cylinders into the market. These units are categorized in the highest efficiency rating, class A for cylinders. Their highly-efficient thermal insulation provide innovative solutions temperature control.


Vitodens 100-W

This gas-fired boiler takes its’ form as a wall-mount condensing boiler, making it friendly for any home and budget. The Vitodens 100 functions with high performance, keeping operating cost minimal throughout the season. Viessmann boilers are leading the way in the industry with this stainless steel – radial heat exchanger and long-lasting performance.


Below is a breakdown of many of the benefits that come from using the Vitodens 100 boiler as a means of heating your space.

  • Compact enough to fit into any size home. This radial heat exchanger is designed to be a wall-mounted unit, so it’s that it may be out of the way.
  • On-board boiler controls that interface with most other external controls allows this to be a very versatile system. Including the ability to communicate and integrate with 0-10V and OpenTherm®.
  • Flexible venting options that can stretch to the length of up to 200’. Horizontal, vertical, hybrid sealed combustion double-pipe venting is a available with this Viessmann boiler.
  • Easy service, maintenance and installation can be done on the Vitodens 100-W due to all of the pipe connections being located at the bottom of the unit and other serviceable components can be easily accessed from the front.
  • Silent with operating, even quieter than most refrigerators. This gas-fired boiler is meant to be so home-friendly that it was designed not only to be compact, but also very quiet.
  • Automatic frost protection keeps your radial heat exchanger from freezing up during lack of use.

Helps save you money with the easy-to-use thermostat or the boiler’s control panel that will automatically adjust the boiler water to exterior temperatures. This increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger and allows for fuel savings.


Vitodens 200-W

Vitodens 200-W is another generation of Viessmann boilers. Featuring many of the same benefits as the Vitodens 100, but this model can manage heating a larger space. The Vitodens 200-W is also a gas-fired boiler that is designed to be a wall-mounted unit. Using advanced condensing technology, this Viessmann boiler was engineered for ultimate performance, reliability and comfort.


As this is a newly introduced radial heat exchanger, take a peek at what the Vitodens 200-W has to offer.

  • vitodens_200_wb2bcutaway

    Energy Star Certified means that this gas-fired boiler helps to promote cleaner air and sustainability.

  • The stainless steel Inox-radial heat exchanger and MatriX cylinder burner work together to produce the most heat and reduce heat loss.
  • An advanced interface using graphics reveals a variety of necessary information. The technology on Viessmann boilers makes for user-friendly control panels that help to maximize the performance and comfort of your home.
  • Low-emission combustion technology causes the gas-fired boiler to run efficiently without compromising on heat and comfort. Making for environmentally-friendly operation.
  • Nine models of the Vitodens 200 that range from the use of 12-530 MBH.
  • Wall-mounted units keep the boilers out of the way and off of the ground. Freeing up valuable floor real estate.
  • Combining up to 8 of the Vitodens 200 gas-fired boilers can allow inputs of up to 4240 MBH to meet with heating fluctuating demands.

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