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Central Air Conditioning Installation vs Window AC Unit – Which is Best?

Central Air Conditioning Installation vs Window AC Unit – Which is Best?

There has been a debate for many years as to whether or not central air conditioning installation is really worth it or not. After all, some people only need the occasional cooling down or only have a tiny space to keep cool. In those instances, isn’t a window AC unit a better option? The answer in nearly all cases is no. While it may seem like overkill to have central air conditioning installed in tiny homes or for people who really like the heat, it is a much better overall choice than using a window AC unit. 

Central air conditioning installation

Central air conditioning installation

What Central Air Provides That a Window AC Unit Does Not

Whether you want to cool 200 square feet or over 2,000 square feet, a central air conditioning unit will cool the space faster and more efficiently. Having a window AC unit means a limited area will be cold. However, the rest of that space may not be nearly as comfortable. This leaves homeowners and renters having to either feel chilled or not quite cool enough.

Window AC units often have to stay on for hours on end to keep an area cool. Only newer models have the ability to cycle on and off as the room reaches a comfortable temperature. Central air conditioning units cycle on and off to keep the entire space within a few degrees of whatever they are set at. They can also have a fan kick on now and again to circulate the air, allowing the space to feel cool without the actual condenser engaged. 

Environmental Impact of Air Conditioners

On top of the comfort side of air conditioners, there is also the environmental impact to consider. In general, an air conditioner is harmful to the environment when it runs. However, central air conditioning units are often gentler on the environment than a window AC unit. They require a lot of energy to keep running, so having a unit that runs less means fewer impacts and expenses to keep a warm home cooler. 

The simple fact is that a central air conditioning unit is far more efficient than a window AC unit. It will cost less to run, have a smaller environmental footprint, and keep your household more comfortable. There are some amazing central air conditioning options on the market. Each year, the level of efficiency increases. This means that you can take an older unit and increase how efficiently it runs. This reduces your impact even further, plus it costs you less overall to keep running. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

Call on Earth Energy Systems for Your Central Air Conditioning Installation Today

Now that you can see the benefits of getting a central air conditioning installation over using a window AC unit, please call us here at Earth Energy Systems. We can help those in the Siren, WI area, as well as the surrounding communities with any of their HVAC needs. Get your home comfortable and feel good about the unit you choose. Call us today and let us discuss your air conditioning options. Then, we can work with you to get the most efficient option within your budget.

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