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Why should you choose a geothermal heating and cooling system?

Why should you choose a geothermal heating and cooling system?

There are a handful of options when it comes to heating and cooling your home, and only you can be the one to decide which route is the best one for you and your family. Some options simply make more sense for specific areas and situations. However, before you glaze over at the thought of installing a geothermal heating and cooling system, let us give you ten quick reasons why should consider supporting and making use of geothermal power.


1. Reliability

Because the earth’s interior stays at a relatively constant temperature and that’s what a geothermal heating and cooling system is tapping into, you can be certain that your power source isn’t going to run dry.


2. Economy

With the implementation of more geothermal units, a greater number of individuals can find employment, particularly in rural areas with high unemployment rates. Employed people means a healthier economy.


3. Security

The less we have to rely on oil from overseas providers to function, the more secure we are as a nation.


4. Environment

A geothermal heating and cooling system is clean, green, and friendly to mother nature. Very little greenhouse gases are emitted, low electrical needs are demanded, and the land use footprint is a small one compared to any other source of renewable energy.


5. Exports

When you support geothermal energy by installing a geothermal heating and cooling system, you’re supporting an industry that is exporting U.S. goods abroad at a rate higher than it imports.


6. Local Benefits

Geothermal energy greatly benefits local communities since the installation needs to be done on site and local crews are necessary. Again, more jobs mean a better economy for everyone.


7. Versatility

We’ve talked here on the blog mostly about geothermal energy being used for homes, but it can also be implemented agriculturally in greenhouses, to keep sidewalks clear of ice, for food dehydration, in spas, and in many other areas of commerce and business.


8. Finances

When it comes to renewable energy, nothing beats geothermal on price point in the long run (think long-term fixed power prices).


9. Simplicity

While geothermal plants are state-of-the-art in their technology, they are actually quite simple and can be maintained by local workers rather than needing highly trained and educated personnel to come in and run the plant.


10. Availability

If you live on planet Earth, you can access geothermal power. It’s a highly available energy source being used across the nation.


A Geothermal Heating and Cooling System: it’s for everyone.

Do you have more questions or are you interested in installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home? Contact the experts at Earth Energy Systems today.

Source: http://geo-energy.org/pdf/FINALforWEB_WhySupportGeothermal.pdf


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