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Wisconsin Aids Homeowners in Rolling Out Solar

Wisconsin Aids Homeowners in Rolling Out Solar

Oftentimes when we think about solar energy, we assume it’s primarily harnessed in sunny states like Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada.  In Wisconsin, we rarely consider our state to be overtly sunny.  However, Wisconsin is actually in a geographic location optimal for maximizing the energy of the sun.  Wisconsin surprisingly receives a full 75% more of the sun’s energy than Arizona.   The government of Wisconsin recognizes this and is fully behind utilizing the sun’s energy to improve the planet and the lives of its residents.

The Wisconsin government is committed to solar energy:  they plan to install solar systems in all of their buildings to channel the sun’s power and reduce its use of electricity.  Wisconsin has also developed programs to encourage its residents to install solar energy in their homes and commercial buildings.  If you’re concerned about the financial hit that might accompany installing solar power, you’ll be pleased to know that the state has decided to ease that burden for its residents.

To offset the costs of installation and set-up, incentives are being provided to promote the technology.  The state is also offering rebates if residents are willing to upgrade to solar energy.  You don’t have to encase your home in solar panels to participate in the programs:  start small by installing a solar hot water system.  This is above and beyond using energy efficient water showerheads and aerators for your faucets to cut down on energy costs.  Not only does this energy and government program aid in conserving the environment, it saves you money.

A few more details about these government programs:  if you install a solar hot water energy system in your home, you can receive a rebate of up to 25% of the cost of installation.  You may also receive a $2,500 reward.  On top of that, if your system produces in excess of 250 therms per year, you may get an additional reward of up to $35,000.  Contact Earth Energy Systems today for a free estimate and be on your way to clean, efficient, and pocketbook friendly energy.


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