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Heating and AC Tips for Burnett County and beyond!

Heating and AC Tips for Burnett County and beyond!

  • Have you always had your temperature at a certain temperature? Challenge yourself to go 7 days with the just 5 degree’s higher in the summer and 5 degrees colder in the winter. Can you handle the Earth Energy temperature challenge? Set your programmable thermostat as low as you are comfortable in the winter and as high as you are comfortable in the summer, and raise or lower the set point when you’re sleeping or away from home.Heating and AC, Cooling & energy solutions Tips for Burnett County Wisconsin
  • Clean or replace filters on furnaces and air conditioners once a month or as recommended.
  • Clean air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed
  • Review where your air registers, heaters or radiators are and make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.
  • Eliminate trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season; if unsure about how to perform this task, contact Earth Energy.
  • Place heat-resistant radiator reflectors between exterior walls and the radiators.
  • Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing; when replacing exhaust fans, consider installing high-efficiency, low-noise models.
  • During winter, keep the draperies and shades on your south-facing windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter your home and closed at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.
  •  During summer, keep the window coverings closed during the day to block the sun’s heat.


Heating and AC Tips for Burnett County WisconsinLONG-TERM SAVINGS TIPS

  • Select energy efficient products when you buy new heating and cooling equipment. Your contractor should be able to give you energy fact sheets for different types, models, and designs to help you compare energy usage.
  • For furnaces, look for high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. For air conditioners, look for a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). See the efficiency standards for information on minimum ratings for each, and look for the ENERGY STAR when purchasing new products.
  • Consider upgrading an old wood stove to an EPA-certified wood or pellet stove. Pellet stoves burn a renewable fuel made of ground, dried wood and other biomass wastes compressed into pellets and EPA has certified certain models as cleaner burning. However, be aware that most pellet stoves need electricity to operate.

Contact Earth Energy for all your heating and cooling questions.We are happy to go over all your options and possible energy solutions to find the best fit for you. It’s not a one solution for everyone.

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