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100 years of Viessmann Boiler Heating Solutions

100 years of Viessmann Boiler Heating Solutions

We are proud to offer Viessmann Boilers to our customers. Viessmann is known and respected worldwide. They are a leading manufacturer of affordable, efficient, and reliable heating and solar products. Besides boilers, Viessmann offers a range of German engineered products such as biomass, solar thermal, hot water heating, and more for use in residential, multi-family, commercial, light industrial, schools, hospitals, municipalities and government buildings.


Where it all began with Viessmann Boilers:

Johann Viessmann was a master locksmith living in Hof, Germany who set up his own business in 1971. At first, he repaired farm machinery, but then started to explore other options. He designed a new generation of furnaces. They delivered heat faster and used less fuel. In 1937 Johann set up a factory in Allendorf, which became Viessmann Group’s main plant. In 1947 his son, Hans Viessmann, took over the company and its 35 employees. He went on to develop it into a major industrial enterprise. By the 1960s the factory had around 350 employees and manufactured around 5,000 furnaces every year. In 1991 Hans put his son, Martin, in charge of heating technology. Martin eventually went on to open branches in eastern Europe and Asia. In 2016, Maximillian Viessman came on board to take the company forward into the digital age.

Viessmann Vitocell: comprehensive storage range for customized system solutions

In 2015, Viessmann launched DHW cylinders into the market. These units are categorized in the highest efficiency rating, class A for cylinders. Their highly-efficient thermal insulation provides innovative solutions temperature control. Our offerings include:

Vitodens 100-W


  • Compact
  • On-board boiler controls 
  • Flexible venting options
  • Easy service, maintenance and installation
  • Silent with operating
  • Automatic frost protection

Vitodens 200-W


  • Energy Star Certified
  • The stainless steel Inox-radial heat exchanger
  • An advanced interface
  • Low-emission combustion
  • Nine models
  • Wall-mounted units

Click here to view the Viessmann Boiler Vitoden’s Brochure



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