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The Internet Controlled Thermostat: Why You Might Want One

The Internet Controlled Thermostat: Why You Might Want One

Maybe all of this internet controlled technology rubs you the wrong way. Maybe you just want the good old days where you turn your temperature dial and your heating and cooling system responds. And maybe you really miss when libraries of information were found in a library rather than your phone. We understand. There’s something inherently seductive about simplicity, but we want to make an exception for the internet controlled thermostat. We think you might too…just hear us out.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Internet controlled thermostats save you money. It’s a simple fact. You’ll likely save 20-30% of your heating and cooling costs throughout the year with a smart thermostat because, well, it’s smart.

The new generation of thermostats will analyze the patterns of your home and adjust accordingly. This saves you money because who has the time to design and perform a study necessary to analyze their home heat usage?

The device will also let you know if something’s amiss in your system which could save you a huge headache if left unchecked.

Convenience is Timeless

You most likely already have a smartphone. It has apps for everything and can be connected to virtually anything. This includes your internet controlled thermostat. I don’t care who you are, that is incredibly convenient.

Leave for vacation and forget to adjust the air conditioning? No problem. Login on your phone and the issue is solved.

Away on a sabbatical and the temperature suddenly drops below freezing? No need to risk bursting pipes: turn on the furnace with your phone.

That ability is truly remarkable.

Internet Thermostats

If you’re convinced that an internet controlled thermostat is a good idea, give us a call at Earth Energy Systems and we can help you decide what’s the best choice for your heating system. You know what, give us a call either way. If you’re still on the fence, we can answer any questions you have and help you make the most informed decision possible.

Smart Thermostat: Worth the hype?

Advanced technology is seeping into every part of our lives, and our heating and cooling services are no exception.  The once futuristic idea of a smart house is quickly becoming a reality as our appliances can do everything from tell us what’s in our refrigerators to vacuum our floors for us all controlled by our handheld cellular device (or even a watch).  The same reality is true for temperature regulation in our home.  A smart thermostat is a real and present commodity, but is it worth it?  What advantages does it truly offer the modern American family?

Multi-room Temperature Readings

While traditional thermostats regulate the temperature of the entire home or building based on the temperature in one room, a smart thermostat like the one Earth Energy offers from Ecobee offers remote sensors that adjust the temperature in the rooms that need it most.

Forgetfulness Forgiven

If you leave for the day or take a vacation and happen to forget to adjust the temperature, fixing your mistake is as simple as opening an app on your phone and dialing down (or up) the temperature setting.  The smart thermometer will take care of the rest.

Real Energy Savings

Ecobee reports that homes save an average of 24 percent on heating costs and 21 percent on cooling costs with a smart thermometer.  This is a huge savings and means the system pays for itself quickly.  Due to the smart thermostat’s ability to regulate the temperature of your home or building according to a myriad of variables (environment, the inhabitant’s schedule and habits, and other principles of heating and cooling), the guesswork of what to set your thermostat at and when is taken on by the system itself.

Contact Earth Energy Systems today and ask us if a smart thermostat is right for you.  We can get you moving toward cost savings and efficiency in the temperature regulation of your home.

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