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Are Geothermal Heat Pumps Energy Adaptive?

Are Geothermal Heat Pumps Energy Adaptive?

Free Heating EstimatesAs Wisconsinites, we know that when it comes to the weather we’re in for cold winters and relatively mild summers.  We long for the warmth of summer as we heartily endure the bitter, long winters of northern Wisconsin.  Although we become well accustomed to the frosty winter months, the cost to keep our homes warm throughout the season is ever-increasing and never welcome.

You may be aware of alternative forms of energy to heat your home, but perhaps the cost of installation is holding you back from investigating.  Maybe if you were to build a new home you’d consider it, but doling out the cash to retrofit your existing system has to cost a fortune…right?

The up-front cost for geothermal heating is certainly an expense, but so is the existing furnace that you own.  Older forms of heating technology are only becoming more expensive and are lacking in energy efficiency (another hit to your pocketbook).  Geothermal heating does not leave you at the mercy of energy companies and is incredibly energy efficient.  A Department of Energy presentation noted that you can get the payback on your geothermal heat pump investment in three to seven years.  As an added bonus, your geothermal unit is also equipped to provide air conditioning.

Consider the cost of energy for the future:  if you use an air conditioner, identify whether your energy company charges you more for summertime peak hours.  By installing a geothermal heat pump, your cost savings (all year round!) will be between 18 and 54 percent, and this simple technology is also energy adaptive.

Earth Energy Systems out of Siren, Wisconsin can install an energy efficient geothermal system that offers dual and triple-allergen filtration and whisper-quiet operation.  This technology is constantly improving and these systems can be installed simply with little to no ductwork.  Our units have advanced features that can detect changes in the temperature of your rooms and adjust accordingly. Now is the time to make the switch:  our Energy Star systems are eligible for federal tax credits!  Be kind to the environment and your pocketbook:  contact us today.

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