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Heating Options for your Wisconsin Home

Heating Options for your Wisconsin Home

There are a variety of methods employed by Wisconsinites to keep their homes and spaces warm in the winter months.  These methods include furnace or boiler systems, indoor or outdoor wood stoves and pellet heaters, solar heat, geothermal heating, electric baseboards, and radiant floor heating systems.  Depending on the size of your home, your budget, and your desires, any one of these home heating options could be perfect for you.  Here’s a quick overview of each home heating  system to help you decide how to heat your space this coming winter.


Furnaces and Boiler Systems

This is the method most used by American homes.  Furnaces force heated air throughout your home by way of a ductwork system while the boiler method uses hot water or steam to keep your space warm.  These systems vary in efficiency, particularly depending upon the age of your system.

Woodstoves and Pellet Heaters

Indoor or outdoor wood stoves and pellet heaters are not what they used to be:  the new generation that represents this off-the-grid heating style is cleaner burning, more efficient, and more powerful than its predecessors.  Many are choosing this route of heat due to its ability to keep utility costs down.

Solar Heat

Solar heat is a clean, environmentally friendly option that boasts government and taxation benefits in the form of rebates and potential monetary rewards.

Geothermal Heat

Geothermal heating harnesses the relatively stable temperature of the earth below to heat your home.  The advances in this technology have made it an accessible and affordable heating option for residential and commercial properties.

Electric Baseboard and Radiant Floor Heat

Both of these methods of heating your home use electricity to control the temperature of your space.  The advantage of these best heating systems for home is that you can control room to room temperatures dependent upon usage and the time of day.

No matter which method you choose to heat your home this winter, Earth Energy Systems WI is here to help and can provide you with more information to help you decide if your current system needs improvements (heating installation, furnace repair, ductwork revamp, etc.) or if you need a fresh, efficient best heating system installed.  Contact us today for more information on home heating options!

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