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Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor

Earth Energy Systems is your local Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor.
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

The future of cooling and heating has arrived in Wisconsin! Our Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractors have taken all the training required at approved instructional centers with years of experience working with the Mitsubishi Electric Systems.

We consider Mitsubishi Electric systems to be the best in the world! They have won awards for durability, energy efficiency and ratings. Mitsubishi Electric systems even hold a Guinness World Record for the longest running cross-flow AC brand.

These flexible solutions are easy to install, saves you money on your electric bills by increasing efficiency, as well as offers zoned comfort control.

Easy Installation

Our Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractors can install a high quality heating and cooling system for you. These solutions are flexible with many options including split-ductless systems perfect for homes or business owners.

They can replace bad air conditioning units, heaters and baseboard options. Solutions can be built as additional home options, in new constructions, homes, business as well as apartments. Inversely, improvements can be made to the current systems in buildings that already use ducted forced-air heating and cooling systems.

Save Money

Ductless heating and cooling is proven to have cost savings. While utility costs are rising cross the country, homeowners and business owners are looking to make the switch to ductless heating and cooling. They are smaller than the typical forced-air units and it delivers the temperature controlled air to specific rooms, so it’s extremely efficient.

This provides you with additional peace of mind knowing that you will save money and energy using a ductless system. There are even savings programs, tax credits and utility rebates for customers who use ductless air conditioning and heating.

The Mitsubishi systems are 40% more efficient than other options, and they have earned the energy start seal for exceptional efficiency. This makes it a perfect solution for home renovations, room additions like home offices, basements, closed patios and bonus rooms.

Zoned Comfort Control & Fresh Clean Air

Many homes have trouble spots, areas that are too hot or too cold. Our Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor can install the zoned comfort control systems which solve this problem. One reason this saves money is that homeowners can create zones in their homes and only warm or cool the rooms that are being used.

At the same time, these ductless air conditioning and cooling systems offer multiple filtration systems that reduce dust and bacteria and other particulate matter from the air. The whisper quiet operation keeps you comfortable wherever you are and provides fresh breathable air while saving you money and improving efficiency.

Overall, these systems are better for the environment and cleaner for your health. They save you money and create a more comfortable environment for your home or business.

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