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How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Save Energy?

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Save Energy?

Ductless Air ConditioningWith summer fast approaching, the demand for air conditioners used to provide cooling in homes and offices grows.  The market is primed to offer you various types of cooling services from mobile to ductless air conditioning systems.  Customers often look for air conditioners that are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to install.  Ductless air conditioners meet each of those standards.  Also called a mini split air conditioner, the ductless A/C system does not feature the traditional HVAC ductwork as its name suggests.  A ductless system is comprised of two of units:  there is a condenser that is installed outside the home and a wall-mounted air handler placed inside a room.  The temperature of a ductless air cooling system is then easily regulated using a hand-held remote control device.  In the United States, ductless air conditioners have become more popular due to their excellent cooling functions and energy efficiency.  Here are some more detailed explanations of how a mini split/ductless air conditioning system will help you to reap energy and monetary bonuses:

Zone Cooling/Heating:  One advantage ductless air conditioners have over conventional A/C is that the temperature can be fined tuned in every area of the home.  With just a remote control, a person can easily control the temperature of each room efficiently.  In the case of other air cooling systems, large amounts of electricity are wasted as zone cooling/heating is not an option.

No Duct:  As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners do not feature any ducts which helps a customer to avoid the energy losses often associated with ducts.  Energy loss from ducts in central forced air systems can mount to around 30%; this sizable loss of energy can be avoided with a ductless system.

Lower Cost:  Air conditioners featuring ducts require large expenditures of energy to moderate airflow; leaks in the ductwork are also common, as mentioned previously.  Mini split air conditioning saves energy by bypassing the ductwork and air flow issues, which translates into money saved by generating lower bills.  Air conditioners with ducts frequently require an extra and often unforeseen monetary investment with design modifications and the inevitable energy waste.

Handlers:  Ductless air cooling systems feature handlers which help track temperature.  Handlers offer the flexibility to access climate-controlled systems in any room of your house or building.  With the launch of modern and updated ductless air conditioning technology, a single condenser can now power four handlers at a time, giving you the benefit of energy and cost savings.

When you’re considering buying an air conditioner, think about purchasing a ductless system.  Keep your space cool and comfortable while also cutting down energy waste by as much as 30%, maximizing your energy savings, breathing easy through a simple installation process, and spending less of your hard earned cash by contacting Earth Energy Systems in Siren, WI.

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