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How to Select the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home or Business

How to Select the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home or Business

During the peak summer months when the sweltering heat weighs down, air conditioners are the primary option for keeping your home or office comfortable.  A simple fan doesn’t cut it.  Open windows only invite the humidity to stay and stick for a while. More than a want, air conditioners have become a need for many families and businesses.

If you’re considering the purchase of an air conditioner in Wisconsin, what are some factors that you should you take into consideration?  You need to determine whether the equipment will be pocketbook friendly and energy efficient, for starters.  Read on for a straightforward guide to getting the proper cooling system in place for your home or business.

For choosing the best air conditioner in Wisconsin, it’s imperative to consider:

  • Which type of unit would best suit your space?
  • What features are you interested in?
  • What are the steps for installation of the unit?

Window, central, mini split (or ductless), and built-in are a few of the types of air conditioners.  Whether your goal is to choose a portable, ductless, or energy efficient air conditioner you want to be sure that the unit has the ability to keep your room cool and comfortable during the summer months.  Cooling capacity depends on the number of people in the room and the amount of space to be cooled.  Prior to buying an A/C unit, you should take into consideration these following factors:

best air conditioners in Wisconsin

Size of Unit:  It is essential to choose a unit appropriate for the size of your room.  Make sure to gauge your room’s (or home’s) dimensions to match the size of the unit you’ll be purchasing as it’s critical to ensure that the required cooling capacity is obtained.  The cooling capacity is determined by the British Thermal Unit (BTU); BTU takes into account sun exposure, type of room insulation, location, climatology, and ceiling height so that you get the correct air conditioner for your home or office.  Air conditioners that are too big tend to use more power than necessary while one too small for its assigned space would not be efficient nor effective at its job.  Due to the variables here, it may be wise to get assistance from an air conditioner specialist in order to get a properly sized unit which will effectively remove humidity and cool your space.

Energy Efficiency:  When choosing an electronic appliance, the goal is not only to select the right product, but also to protect the environment.  You have the ability to contribute to the well-being of the environment by purchasing an energy efficient A/C unit.  Quick tip:  always purchase a unit that has a high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating; this is indicative of a smaller greenhouse gas emission.  In addition, models with a high EER rating will reflect positively on your monthly power bill.

Reliable Brand and Cost:  You may not find each feature you’re looking for in every brand available on the market; when weighing pros and cons on brands and feature availability, it’s important to consider the reliability of the unit’s name.  Select a brand that is well established and has an excellent reputation for providing maintenance services.  Most importantly, look for a valid warranty that suits your needs.  Another point to take into consideration is that prices are usually high during peak purchasing periods, so it’s a good idea to buy during an off-season if possible since prices will typically be at their lowest.

Installation:  Installing an air conditioner is not a job any person can tackle and will present unique challenges for even the seasoned handyman.  Because of this, you’ll more than likely require a professional to install and service your new air conditioning system.  An installation specialist will have the experience to ensure a smooth and timely installation, and if something were to go wrong during the process you’d be covered by a warranty.

If you’re looking to buy an air conditioner in Wisconsin, look no further than Earth Energy Systems.  We’re professionals who can provide you with the air conditioning unit perfectly suited for your situation.  Stay comfortable this summer and get in touch with us today!

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