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Ecobee Thermostats WI

Ecobee Thermostat WI

Introducing the ecobee thermostat WI.

Ecobee Thermostat WI is an excellent way for you to control the temperature as well as your heating and cooling bill. At Earth Energy, we’re proud to offer the ecobee thermostat to WI.

Energy Solutions That Make Sense – Ecobee

You shouldn’t have to try hard to understand things that are supposed to make your life simpler… like thermostats.

That’s why we’ve created energy solutions that are easy to understand. You don’t have to spend hours reading manuals to figure out how to program these thermostats. We’ve made them intuitive. Our solutions make it easy to manage and reduce your impact on the environment. Our thermostats feature big, bright displays. This makes them easy to read. No more squinting to try to figure out what termperature your heat is set at.

Going to be out longer than you anticipated? No problem. Simply connect with your ecobee thermostat over the internet and switch your home to energy saving mode with the touch of a button. It’s easy and it saves money while also helping the environment.  You can also change the temperature on your way home from you cell phone so the house is nice and comfortable when you walk in the front door.

Ecobee doesn’t just provide great products. They also provide outstanding customer service. If, for some reason, you’re having difficulty with our thermostats, you can contact them directly for assistance.


Ecobee Thermostats WisconsinGreat features.
Great price.

The WiFi enabled Smart Si delivers the quality, innovation and great features you would expect from ecobee—all at a great price.

“What a great product! It performs as is stated. nothing better than turning on the ac from my iphone and coming home to a cool house!” – T.Y.

Ecobee offers great solutions for your home!

Ecobee thermostat WI

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