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Ductless Split Systems

Mitsubishi Electric ductless cooling and heating technology offers an alternative to traditional systems. It focuses on individual rooms and living spaces and is more energy efficient, flexible and easier to install. Ductless products easily solve problems such as:

  • Hot and cold rooms
  • Additions/renovations
  • Enclosed patios
  • Homes without space for ductwork
  • Larger, multi zone living spaces.

Our Products

Wall-mounted Indoor Unit

Wall-mounted Indoor Units

Enhance your living spaces with Mitsubishi's wall-mounted indoor units—the epitome of ductless products. Enjoy personalized comfort and unmatched efficiency as these sleek units seamlessly blend innovation with aesthetics. Furthermore, Mitsubishi's advanced technology ensures precise climate control, offering more than just a cooling or heating solution but an elevated lifestyle. Not only do these units maximize space, but they also enhance the visual appeal of any room. Elevate your home or office with the perfect synergy of form and function, brought to you by Mitsubishi—a name synonymous with cutting-edge HVAC solutions.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor Units

Step into the future of climate control with Mitsubishi's outdoor units—the pinnacle of ductless products. These innovative systems redefine efficiency, seamlessly merging power and sustainability. Moreover, Mitsubishi's outdoor units deliver unparalleled performance, offering reliable and energy-efficient solutions for any environment. Designed to withstand the elements, these units ensure longevity and consistent performance year-round. Elevate your space with the epitome of ductless excellence, where cutting-edge technology meets durability. Discover the perfect blend of reliability and efficiency with Mitsubishi's outdoor units.

Ceiling to Floor Units

From Ceiling to Floor Units

Experience ultimate comfort and style with Mitsubishi's ceiling-to-floor units – the top-notch choice for ductless solutions. These systems blend advanced technology with trendy design, providing effective climate control for your space. Mitsubishi's commitment to excellence is evident in energy efficiency and sleek aesthetics. Elevate your indoor atmosphere with these versatile units that effortlessly match any decor. Enjoy precise temperature control and outstanding performance, creating a personalized haven of comfort from floor to ceiling. Upgrade your living space with Mitsubishi's user-friendly ceiling-to-floor units.