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Kuma Stoves

Earth Energy Systems is a  proud distributor of Kuma Stoves.

Kuma Stoves

Kuma is a family owned and operated business manufacturing the highest quality hearth products right here in the United States.  All of their products are made at their Idaho facility where they’ve been perfecting their trade since 1981.  Not only are their products manufactured here in the US, they’re committed to sourcing all of their materials from US suppliers.

Kuma began with custom made stoves and quickly evolved as the demand for efficient, clean energy increased.  Although Kuma remains a relatively small company, their products use cutting edge technology and design and boast some of the cleanest burning wood stoves on the market today.

wood stove, wood heat for your houseWood Stoves

Backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee, Kuma offers five different freestanding wood stoves as a source of green energy to heat your space including a wood stove with the highest tested efficiency in North America.  Modern or classic looks are available to suit your needs.

Wood Inserts

If you’re searching for a wood stove insert, look no further than Kuma.  Regardless of the size of your space or decorative style, Kuma has you covered.  Three varieties of wood fireplace inserts are available.

Oil Stove

For a home or space the size of 1,000-3,000 square feet, a Kuma oil stove is the perfect efficient and inexpensive solution.  These oil stoves are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re in the market for a wood stove, a wood fireplace insert, or an oil stove, contact Earth Energy Systems!

We Service Burnett County & Polk County, Wisconsin!

Kuma Stove Efficiencies


 2020 Compliant


Aspen LE81%87%
Tamarack LE81%87%
Aberdeen LE81%87%
Ashwood LE79.4%86%
Wood Classic LE79.4%86%
Cambridge LE79.4%86%
Alpine LE81%87%
Cascade LE79.4%86%
Older ModelsHHVLHV
Ashwood Stove/Insert73%79%
Aspen Stove/Insert72%78%
Sequoia Stove/Insert84%91%
Tamarack Stove73%79%
Wood Classic Stove73%79%

Why efficiency is so important.

Over the life of a stove (let’s say 15 years for example) Investing in Kuma’s efficient Hybrid Technology would save you nearly $2,000 in fuel costs, which is equal to 23,000 lbs of wood that you do not need to chop, stack and haul into the house.  So if you like to crunch numbers, you can compare the fuel costs and burn time comparison below.  We compared our new hybrid technology to a leading Canadian manufacturer’s non-hybrid technology.  All of the data is taken from official EPA test reports:

Kuma Stoves Efficiency Chart

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